Terms & Conditions

Trems & Conditions

Izon Coffee Roastery – Izon Services

Updated Security Website SSL Installed For your Safety please make sure when shopping through our secure website the browser is showing – https://izoncoffee.co.nz  We Also have https:/izon.coffee  – Our New Fast Accessing Mobile Phone Site 

Account Applications Payments Terms Of Trade. 

01 – CASH Sale Account:
Cash sale accounts must be paid directly into our bank account
Cash – EFTPOS –  NO Cheques
This is a cash sale account Discounted amounts for sales, Once payments are received we will then supply goods or services, Purchases From Our Web Site Email Orders Direct.

01a – Credit Card – Visa Payments – STRIPE or PayPal: 
Visa Payments can be made to pay accounts if requested & Fees may apply on monthly accounts or Discounted Equipment sales. Please email to confirm – You can pay by credit cards on our secure website for your Coffee purchases – NOTE: This is not for monthly Account Customers.

01b – Bank Deposit Accounts:
Bank Deposit Accounts – Goods will be dispatched – You will have a good credit History with Izon Coffee & as soon as you receive goods you will credit our account – It will be tracked & Signature required on receiving Goods: 

02 – 7 Day Account
7 Day Accounts must be paid within 7 Days of orders being placed – orders are dispatched & accounts must be paid within 7 days of the Dispatch Date not the when received date All Accounts may be deposited into our Bank Account – Paid using our online VISA Credit Card Payments – Please Note: Equipment Sales Discounted can not be paid by Credit Card – Fees May Apply.

03 – 14 Day Account
14 Day Accounts must be paid within 14 Days of orders being placed – orders are dispatched & accounts must be paid within 14 days of the Dispatch Date not the when received date All Accounts may be deposited into our Bank Account Equipment Sales Discounted can not be paid by Credit Card – Fees May Apply.

04 – 20th Month Account
20th Of Month Account customers Must Deposit into our Bank Account On Or BEFORE the 20th of the month This means that when you process your payments you will have auctioned your deposit before the 20th of month following
All Statements will be emailed to your email address
No Paper Mail accounts will be sent to save on Discounted fees You may request a hard copy to be sent & a $5.00 Fee will be applied to your account for services
Strict Account Payments will apply – If you do not make payment before the 20th Of the month a Penalty Admin Fee will be charged $25.00 This is less than a dishonor Bank fee If It is still outstanding By the 1st of the month then a $25.00 Fee will be applied & All discounted coffee will be converted to the Standard Coffee charged Fees
Please note we are a small business & can not withstand Loans for non payments – If fees remain outstanding then we will take to it to debit collection agency & all associated fees will be charged to your account This is accepted to all 20th Monthly Account Customers if you have problems with account payments please email: manager@izon.co.nz & we can work something out & place a hold on extra Fees.

FEES will be applied to non Paid account with a $25.00 Penalty Admin Fee monthly Charge until your account is in credit if you have problems with account payments Please email manager@izon.co.nz

FAIR TRADE MIDNIGHT 2013 Certificate
We are a Fair Trade 100% Supporter & Beans Purchases are through a reputable Fair Trade Importer to know that 3rd World Countries benefit from our services Please email manager@izon.co.nz we will send you a Certificate of Proof

Account Customers Contract Repairs – Customer Pays for Parts & Service Charge is Discounted FREE ie: you are a Coffee Customer – Once Repair has been completed from that date you will remain a Coffee Customer of Izon Coffee for all Coffee supplies for 6 month – You can leave as a Coffee Customer within the 6 month Period but the service charges on the repair invoice will apply – Repairs are carried out on an appointment basis only to arrange time Please email  if you do not understand.
REPAIR DAYS: Tuesday Pm Wednesday PM Thursday Pm – Saturday & Sunday (Mobile Customers By Appointment Only) – Repairs are carried out on an appointment basis only to arrange time Please email.
FEES: For Urgent On Demand Repairs $125.00 For Weekend After Hours $25.00 standard fee applies.

All Equipment Repairs – New Machines in installed by us will carry the manufactures Warranty NOTE: All Equipment installed in Mobile Coffee Cars / Caravans / Food Vans are NOT Covered by warranty.

Customer Freight & Couriers sent via Us Will be 3rd Party & under there Terms & Conditions We endeavor to have a 1 – 3 Day NZ Wide Freight Service, Weekend & Public Holidays NOT INCLUDED Our Freight When In High Demand have Delays from 5 – 7 If You are RURAL There Could be a Further Delay of Up To 3 – 5 Days with your Local Rural Driver. We must wait to Send a Replacement for our Freight service to Alert Us. With increased Freight to Residential Addresses Uban (Rural Fees May Apply) & we offer Free Freight This is Via the Courier of our choice & we have to Understand that There Could Be Delays, If we have made a Mistake with incorrect Address Then we can Give a Refund But if No Mistake from our side is Made then No Refund will Be Given under Trade Terms – We use Post Haste, Pass The Parcel, PBT Couriers & PBT Transport, NZ Couriers & NZ Post For Rural. COVID 19 Extra If the Courier Run Driver or Branch is in Lockdown Or COVID 19 Restrictions & Delays This will be beyond our Control Thank you for understanding. NO Outer Island Freight.

Customer Returns – As we supply a product on Coffee, Chocolate, Cups & Lids – No Returns on all items – This is for health & Safety issues – All cup & Lid purchases can not be returned. They can be sold to other Izon Coffee customers – Products that are returned will be Less freight cost – If product is faulty – they will be replaced – Freighted items damaged must be informed to freight company on receiving goods

If you account is not paid in full then Izon coffee or an assigned person or persons may enter the premises to repossess all Equipment / Parts / Product that has not be paid for – This will be noted on entrance & if account is them Paid in Full the Product Parts Equipment will remain

All loan Equipment Remains the Property of Izon Coffee – Izon Coffee at any stage can Reposes the Loan Equipment as we see fit, If the Loan Equipment is being used by other Non Izon Coffee Services Or if you have closed your account with Izon Coffee or Izon Coffee Closes your account – Izon Coffee has the full rite to access & repossess the Loan Equipment . If you have mistreated the Loan Equipment then repair cost can be passed onto the customer.

All Logo Designs Remain under Izon Coffee Until Paid In Full – This is a Free Service Under Our Customer Contract – As Soon as The Customer Leaves Izon Coffee & is On there Own (With No Contract) Business Then The Fee of Non Customer Applies $1250.00 Setup Fee – This is Full Setup Service – Website Design Service Are Contracted Under Izon Coffee At Setup & Remain Izon Coffee Hosting & Paid By Customer, There is a Release Fee Of $2000.00 Within the first 12 Months. After 12 Months The Fee of Release is $1500.00 & After 24 Months There is a $1250.00.00 Fee & after 5 Years No Release Fee Applies.
$2,000.00 Contract End Within the First 12 Months
$1500.00 After 12 Months 
$1000.00 After  24 Months
$500.00 After 36 Months
No Charge & Automatically Released After 5 Years

All Equipment Sold Must be installed & Serviced by an authorized service person – RE Electrician Or Plumber, Any 2nd Hand Items Sold On Behalf Are Sold in As Is Where Is Condition – If We Freight It is Recommended That The Purchaser Take Out Insurance..

Purchase Of Mobile Coffee Cars are sold with – NEW WOF & NEW REG & SERVICED – 50% Deposit or Arranged Amount must be made on a Confirmation Order –  Once A Confirmed Order & Deposit is made Special Order Construction is Started – After 21 Days No Cancellation will be Accepted & Deposit will be forfeited to cover any & All Expenses Due to Construction / Delivery Bookings / Special Arrangements./ Inter Island Delivery / Sign Writing & Any Time Due to (Change Of Mind)  Before Delivery – The 21 Day Notice Will Start On Time Of Deposit Made into our Accounts – Full Payment Must Be Made with Banked Cleared Funds & On Delivery & Change Of Ownership by New Owner Must Be Processed on that day.. 

All LPG Gas Converted Espresso Machines MUST be Installed & Tested Pryor to use by a Certified Gas Fitter/Tester they Must contact us for installation instructions This is to safeguard in the event of Transport mishap –  All LPG Gas cylinders MUST be certified & not Expired, LPG Bottles / Storage must be secure & chained down there is NO Warranty on any Mobile Coffee Machine with LPG installed, This is a Manufactures Installation & Complied with New Zealand Certification

04 – PURCHASE / INSTALLATION Inverters / Chargers:
Inverters / Chargers Must be certified NZ Compliant & Pure sine wave for any Espresso Machine or Grinder as Sensitive Equipment to be used – This is to safeguard both Seller & Purchaser – Please seek provisional advise before installation. All Equipment MUST be installed by a registered Electrician Auto – Electrical person or any Equipment installed Warranty is Automatically Void. This is also for Chargers & Must not be Direct Supply, Must be Fused from Separate device.

05 – PURCHASE / INSTALLATION Deep Cycle Batteries:
Deep Cycle Batteries connected to Pure sine wave Must be installed By a Resisted Auto / Electrician & comply to Inverter Operation They must have a Safety device installed to prevent any Back spike, Also must not fall below 50% DOD = Depth Of Discharge Batteries through Inverters must comply & for commercial operation do not have any warranty from Supplier

Every Coffee Car / Food Van must comply with your local council food licence & abide by there operation standards – It is for the owner to apply for licences & keep them up to date. All Repairs must be noted for further Inspection.

Up Dated 25/11/2024 – New Zealand Live  https://izoncoffee.co.nz