Espresso Cafe

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Short / Long Black – Ristretto – Espresso Tall  – Tall Black  – AmericanoFlat White – Latte – Cappuccino – Mocha – Mocha Latte – Mochaccino Macchiato Short or Tall – Quadtretto
Chai Latte – Hot Chocolate  – Choc Mint Latte – Lemon Honey Ginger
Syrup ~ Caramel ~ Vanilla ~ Hazelnut ~ ChocMint
General Cafe Information:


Cleaning Up My Espresso Cafe with my 3 Group LaMazocco FB70 & I now have upgraded to a 2 Group FB80 & Yes it is a Red One as they seem to go faster. Make sure you clean your machine every day & keep it sparkling, This way it will make Great Coffee


Coffee Roasting is a dedicated art & takes time & practice To Roast coffee is looking for that perfect crack & colour to retain the fullness of bean flavour  This is dependent of the Bean origin & time of the roast.

Training Session Of Coffee Roasting When we started out on out 10Kg Roaster Now we operate a 25Kg Coffee Roaster – Upgraded